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Former B. The woman alleges in a notice of civil claim that she sought psychological and spiritual advice and counselling from Rev. She alleges in the lawsuit filed in British Columbia Supreme Court that Molon, who was about 20 years her senior, exploited and sexually assaulted her several times over several months.

The state Supreme Court on Thursday declined to hear a case involving allegations about sexual abuse by priests in the s in South Florida. The plaintiff in the case, identified by the initials W. A circuit judge dismissed the complaint, at least in part finding the lawsuit was barred by a statute of limitations. Posted on December 30, PM. First, he has changed the very nature of the College of Cardinals by ignoring traditional cardinalatial sees and, for the most part, appointing as cardinals bishops who reflect his own views.

In the past, there were certain archdioceses that everyone presumed would be headed by a cardinal archbishop. Even if a pope's predecessor appointed the archbishop, the new pope was expected to promote the archbishop of a cardinalatial see to a red hat. Pope Francis has ignored this tradition and passed over cardinalatial sees like Venice, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles to appoint bishops in places that rarely if ever have had a cardinal, like Indianapolis. He chooses the man rather than the place.

William Akers arrested after he was seen on video sexually abusing an eight-year-old girl

This is the most revolutionary thing Francis has done in terms of church governance. He is doing everything possible to make sure that his legacy is continued by insuring his successor is someone who reflects his views. If he had simply promoted the holdovers of John Paul and Benedict, it would have been much harder to protect his legacy, granted that his papacy will probably not be a long one. Posted on December 30, AM. Law, New York December 5, , PM EST -- The Diocese of Duluth asked a Minnesota bankruptcy court on Friday to find Liberty Mutual Group and a slew of other insurers liable as it defends a number of sexual abuse claims against local clergy, saying such allegations are covered under its insurance policies.

The diocese, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last December, said the insurers have so far shirked their legal obligations to cover the cost of multiple underlying suits claiming the Minnesota district is liable for damages stemming from alleged negligence related to accusations of sexual abuse within the church. The insurers are also liable, under the various policies, for all defense costs and expenses, including attorneys' fees, that have built up over the course of the investigation and litigation of the underlying suits, the diocese said in its complaint.

A 15th survivor of child sexual abuse has come forward and filed a lawsuit claiming that a local clergyman sexually molested him when he was an altar boy, and that high-ranking officials within the Archdiocese of Agana did nothing to stop it. According to court documents filed by attorney David Lujan, Edward Chan became the 15th complainant to file a civil suit under provisions of Public Law The year-old Washington resident alleged that the abuse took place while he was an altar boy in the s and named former Guam priest Raymond Cepeda as his abuser.

Statements attributed to Chan in the suit allege that the abuse took place in when he was 15 years old. Introductory allegations described in court documents state that Cepeda fondled and masturbated Chan at the Pastoral Center of the cathedral where Chan had gone for a scheduled counseling session with Cepeda following morning Mass. This imbalance, one Jesuit expert has said, reflects how years of papal pleas and Vatican mandates have not been received or implemented consistently everywhere.

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Because the church's typical top-down approach in getting the message out may not be enough, Jesuit Father Hans Zollner is spearheading a complementary course: a global alliance built and grown from the ground up by individual priests, religious and laity along with Catholic universities, religious orders and bishops' conferences. The commission, which was established in February , is tasked with investigating allegations of abuse at 14 institutions and four county homes between and Posted on December 29, PM. Sex abuse victims and other creditors of the bankrupt Archdiocese of St.

Paul and Minneapolis will apparently get to vote on competing compensation plans.

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A federal judge has approved summaries of two plans, and such approval is a prerequisite for a vote. One plan comes from the archdiocese, which says the church provides the maximum financial compensation possible for abuse victims. But the committee representing abuse victims backs a different plan, contending the church and its insurers could come up with much more money.

At a private meeting held Thursday in Munich, Albert von Boeselager, the deposed Grand Chancellor of the Knights of Malta, reportedly said, "I'm demoralized by what's happened, but I want to fight for justice. Von Boeselager was removed from his position in a December 6 meeting with Cdl.

Raymond Burke, patron of the order, who had discovered von Boeselager had been involved in distributing condoms through Malteser International, the group's charitable arm. The investigation had been spearheaded by Michael Hichborn of the Lepanto Institute, who presented his findings to Burke in early November. Von Boeselager has since loudly complained that the termination violated the Knights' constitution, and Pope Francis established a commission December 22 to look into the matter. She claims Father Erlindo Molon exploited her and repeatedly performed sexual acts — including intercourse — over a period of approximately eight months.

The claim says the complainant disclosed the incidents to the Bishop of the Diocese at the time — who allegedly failed to take responsible steps to stop future incidents. A former elementary schoolteacher is suing the Roman Catholic Diocese of Kamloops and a retired priest, alleging sexual abuse at his hands while she taught at Our Lady of Perpetual Help four decades ago. The woman has filed an eight-page notice of claim in B. In the document, the woman claims to have been vulnerable when she began teaching at the North Shore school in The Independent reports that Pope Francis had been told as early as that the Rev Nicola Corradi, 82, had been reassigned to a school in Argentina despite earlier accusations of abuse in Italy.

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Corradi was arrested in late November alongside four other men following allegations of abuse at the Antonio Provolo Institute for hearing-impaired children in Mendoza province. The Verona diocese apologised to students there and the Vatican sanctioned four priests, though not Corradi.

More than three months after a Catholic priest in Baldwin City was suspended due to allegations of inappropriate conduct, investigators are still looking into the matter. FBI spokeswoman Bridget Patton said Thursday morning that the investigation into the activities of the priest, Chris Rossman, is ongoing. Because the case is still active, Patton said she could not release additional information. Francis of Assisi Church in Lapeer in September after the Archdiocese of Kansas City received a report that he had visited "inappropriate websites" that were "depicting minors.

“Like Walking Through a Hailstorm”

The Archdiocese did not say where the report came from, nor did it elaborate on the nature of the websites. A years-long investigation into allegations of child sex abuse in the Jehovah's Witness organization has also uncovered a culture of secrecy at its Watchtower headquarters in Brooklyn. Last summer, Donald Trump's son-in-law, developer Jared Kushner, bought the property. The Jehovah's Witnesses, meanwhile, have been building a massive compound upstate in Warwick, New York, where they plan to relocate. Trey Bundy, a reporter for Reveal, from the Center for Investigative Reporting, has been investigating the Watchtower for two years.

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Watchtower leaders refused to talk to him, but he was able to talk to a former insider about it. Bundy says the Jehovah's Witnesses also have a database that potentially contains the names of thousands of child sex abusers. Esta vez se trata de un supuesto delito cometido por el cura durante su paso por la ciudad de La Plata. Posted on December 29, AM. No longer shall We former Black Catholics remain silent from our pains as victims and witnesses. The U. We stand against the Catholic Churches of the World. We demand payment for being made Black Children sex slaves, forced on our hands, knees, and backs, crying in pain.

My Black mother, the St. Joseph Catholic School teacher was the first victim, because I was a child molested behind her back in the church and school. Where Should Sex Offenders Go? What should he do now? This question, taken from an e-mail I recently received, was just one of the many challenges community leaders are grappling with nowadays as awareness about child safety is thankfully growing.

Here are some others:. And if so, under what conditions? These issues need to be addressed and we would be well served by having respectful discussions of these highly charged topics in our public squares. The year-old accused clergyman, Fr Stephen Joseph of Nazareth in Thoothukudi district was running a home for the poor and deserted children at Mookkuperi village. He was charged of sexually abusing the girls at the home. In the Thoothukudi district administration has closed the home and arrested the priest. The case came up before second additional district court, Tirunelveli, for judgment after the completion of the trial.

For three years he had served as the Apostolic Administrator to the Archdiocese of Boston. In Cleveland, Lennon found himself facing even more pushback from the community, after being forced to make tough decisions when it came to closing down dozens of parishes. A 15th accuser filed a civil lawsuit against the Archdiocese of Agana on Thursday, saying he was sexually abused by a former priest in Washington state resident Edward Roberto Chan, 45, is suing former priest Raymond Cepeda and the archdiocese.

According to the lawsuit, Chan became an altar boy in , at the age of When he was 15, he was scheduled to be counseled by Cepeda, who was the priest at the Dulce Nombre de Maria Cathedral-Basilica. After morning Mass, Chan stayed to help Cepeda clean the church before heading to the pastoral center for counseling. While at the pastoral center, "Edward was sexually molested and abused by Cepeda," the lawsuit states. In , the archdiocese reported that Cepeda had been removed as a priest after it investigated "serious allegations" of sexual abuse allegedly committed by him, according to Pacific Daily News files.

At the time, the archdiocese said he had also been reported to civil authorities. The lawsuit contends the archdiocese "knew that Cepeda had sexually abused and molested Edward and other minor children for years, and rather than reporting the matter to law enforcement and without intervening so as to prevent Cepeda from engaging in additional instances of sexual abuse Raymond Cepeda was stripped of his title and laicized in after he was accused of sexual abuse. Chan alleges that Cepeda molested him in when he was just 15 years old.

In his lawsuit, Chan says the archdiocese is liable as well because they knew that Cepeda was a sexual predator who molested several other altar boys but did nothing about it.

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