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To set up sharing, those users must give you the "Reviewer" permission level at least for their calendars or mailbox folders either by modifying their respective permissions, or by configuring delegate access for you. For more about sharing Exchange calendars and mailbox folders, see:.

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This method allows you to open one of the primary mailbox folders Calendar , Contacts , Inbox , Journal , Notes , or Tasks in a separate window that will not reappear the next time you start Outlook:. If you receive an error message about permissions, check with the mailbox owner to determine whether you have permission to access the folder you're trying to open.

Outlook 2016 Search Function Not Working on Shared Mailboxes

From the drop-down list, select Account Settings Highlight Microsoft Exchange , and then click Change. Then, click More Settings You should now see the other person's mailbox in your Folder List with the shared folders listed beneath that mailbox. If you cannot expand the folders in the other person's mailbox, check with the mailbox owner to determine whether you have permission to access the folder you're trying to open.

This is document agny in the Knowledge Base. Last modified on Now, most organizations often exceed the Shared Mailbox limit.

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So, they need to backup Office shared mailbox data to avoid purchasing the licensed version. But, it is not easy to backup Office shared mailboxes with manual methods. Therefore, they need a third-party solution that provides a quick and secure backup of Office shared mailboxes. With the help of this software, you can back up every mailbox from your Office account. Shared mailboxes in Office provide many advantages to users, but they are free only up to 50 GB.

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However, there are other limitations as well. Every Shared Mailbox has a size limit of 50 GB, and if it exceeds that limit, then it needs to be licensed. To access a shared mailbox, users need to sign into their own mailbox, and then open the shared mailbox.

Shared mailbox on Android

It cannot be used to archive emails from a user. It cannot be accessed using ActiveSync clients. It cannot be used for Journaling.