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And the system told me another person has it. Regarding your old email address, maybe you used that old email address to create another Tripadvisor account long ago. Try asking for the password to be reset Here's how:. Once you have access to that account and confirm it was you who created it, you should ask for the accounts to be merged, as TA only allows an account per person:.

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This post has been removed at the author's request. The author may repost if desired. Posts on the TripAdvisor forums may be edited for a short period of time. Once the edit period has expired, authors may update their posts by removing and reposting them. Bulk mail is mail that is prepared for bulk mailing, often by presorting , and processing at reduced rates. It is often used in direct marketing and other advertising mail , although it has other uses as well. The senders of these messages sometimes purchase lists of addresses which are sometimes targeted towards certain demographics and then send letters advertising their product or service to all recipients.

Other times, commercial solicitations are sent by local companies advertising local products, like a restaurant delivery service advertising to their delivery area or a retail store sending their weekly advertising circular to a general area.

Bulk mail is also often sent to companies' existing subscriber bases, advertising new products or services. First-Class Mail in the U. Delivery is given priority over second-class newspapers and magazines , third class bulk advertisements , and fourth-class mail books and media packages. First-Class Mail prices are based on both the shape and weight of the item being mailed.

Pieces over 13 ounces can be sent as Priority Mail. Royal Mail aims but does not guarantee to deliver all 1st Class letters the day after postage. The Canada Post counterpart is Lettermail. Registered mail allows the location and in particular the correct delivery of a letter to be tracked. It is usually considerably more expensive than regular mail, and is typically used for valuable items.

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Registered mail is constantly tracked through the system. Recorded mail is handled just like ordinary mail with the exception that it has to be signed for on receipt. This is useful for legal documents where proof of delivery is required. Under this legislation any document which its relevant law requires service by registered post [32] can also be lawfully served by recorded delivery. This act states that any recorded delivery item is deemed to have been delivered at the instant it is posted if; a the item is delivered and signed for at the delivery address or handed over and signed for the at local sorting office see c ; b delivery is refused by any person occupying the address or c if the item is not collected from the sorting office within seven days following a non-delivery because there is no reply to the postman and he leaves a collection card.

The sorting office will return the item to the sender after the seventh day.

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The sender should retain the item unopened as proof that the item has been delivered at least in law if not in fact. Although much case law has attempted to undermine the provisions of the Act, it has done little but reinforce the point. The United States Postal Service introduced a test allowing "repositionable notes" for example, 3M's Post-it notes to be attached to the outside of envelopes and bulk mailings, [34] afterwards extending the test for an unspecified period.

Postal cards and postcards are small message cards which are sent by mail unenveloped; the distinction often, though not invariably and reliably, drawn between them is that "postal cards" are issued by the postal authority or entity with the "postal indicia" or "stamp" preprinted on them, while postcards are privately issued and require affixing an adhesive stamp though there have been some cases of a postal authority's issuing non-stamped postcards. Postcards are often printed to promote tourism, with pictures of resorts, tourist attractions or humorous messages on the front and allowing for a short message from the sender to be written on the back.

The postage required for postcards is generally less than postage required for standard letters; however, certain technicalities such as their being oversized or having cut-outs, [36] may result in payment of the first-class rate being required. Postcards are also used by magazines for new subscriptions. Inside many magazines are postage-paid subscription cards that a reader can fill out and mail back to the publishing company to be billed for a subscription to the magazine.

In this fashion, magazines also use postcards for other purposes, including reader surveys, contests or information requests. Postcards are sometimes sent by charities to their members with a message to be signed and sent to a politician e. Larger envelopes are also sent through the mail. These are often composed of a stronger material than standard envelopes and are often used by businesses to transport documents that may not be folded or damaged, such as legal documents and contracts.

Due to their size, larger envelopes are sometimes charged additional postage. Packages are often sent through some postal services, usually requiring additional postage than an average letter or postcard.

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Many postal services have limitations as to what a package may or may not contain, usually placing limits or bans on perishable, hazardous or flammable materials. Some hazardous materials in limited quantities may be shipped with appropriate markings and packaging, like an ORM-D label. Additionally, as a result of terrorism concerns, the U. Postal Service subjects their packages to numerous security tests, often scanning or x-raying packages for materials that might be found in biological materials or mail bombs.

Newspapers and magazines are also sent through postal services. Many magazines are simply placed in the mail normally but in the U. During the second half of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century, newspapers and magazines were normally posted using wrappers with a stamp imprint. Hybrid mail , sometimes referred to as L-mail , is the electronic lodgement of mail from the mail generator's computer directly to a Postal Service provider.

The Postal Service provider is then able to use electronic means to have the mail piece sorted, routed and physically produced at a site closest to the delivery point. It is a type of mail growing in popularity with some Post Office operations and individual businesses venturing into this market. In some countries, these services are available to print and deliver emails to those who are unable to receive email , such as the elderly or infirm. Services provided by Hybrid mail providers are closely related to that of mail forwarding service providers.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. System for transporting documents and other small packages. This article is about postal services. For electronic mail, see Email.

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For other uses, see Mail disambiguation and Postal service disambiguation. This article includes a list of references , but its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations.

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Main article: Postal history of India. Main article: cursus publicus. Main article: Postal history of China. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Further information: Registered mail. However, the British, American, Australian, and Canadian national postal services are called, respectively, the " Royal Mail ", the " United States Postal Service ", " Australia Post ", and " Canada Post "; in addition, such fixed phrases as " post office " or " junk mail " are found throughout the English-speaking world.

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