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Sign In. Birth and deaths are confidential. Check proof of eligibility to see if additional documents are required. Check proof of eligibility to see if you need to mail any additional documents.

Skip the line at the Health Department Office

Mail the appropriate fee. Legal Guardian Documentation to establish relationship between the deceased and the requestor; requestor must substantiate legal interest in the certificate. Notarized or certified documents are preferable but not required. Arrow Left Arrow Right. Other people who are empowered by law or court-appointed may be able to obtain a copy of the individual's birth certificate. Valid evidence, such as court records, of the relationship between the applicant and the individual must be provided, along with valid photo ID.

Determine whether you should appear in person. To obtain birth certificates issued under certain circumstances, you should make an appointment with the Office of Vital Records. Find your local county health department. Most county health departments in Arizona offer walk-in service to order your birth certificate.

How to Apostille an Arizona Birth Certificate

Locate your local health department and verify its hours. However, you may obtain a copy of your birth certificate by visiting certain local county health departments' Office of Vital Records. The list is on their website here. Some county health departments require mail-in orders only. Download the birth certificate order form. Locate the birth certificate order form on the Arizona Department of Health Services website. The form is available in English and Spanish. Download and print the form.

You can type directly into the form before printing it out. You can also apply for a birth certificate online via VitalChek , an online service provider. It also requires that you fax in your identification. The first section of the form pertains to payment for your order. Cash and personal checks are not accepted. Be sure to sign and date this section of the form. Provide your own information. If you are not the individual named on the certificate, you are required to provide proof of your relationship to the individual as shown above. Get the form notarized.

After you have filled out the entire order form, you need to get it notarized by a notary public. A notary public is a person authorized by the government to verify the authenticity of documents. Submit your form, supporting documents and fee. When you have gathered all of your information, submit the order.

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Be sure to include the following: [6] Your completed application form A copy of the front and back of a valid government-issued picture identification. Use this address: P. Box , Phoenix, Arizona Expedite the order if you want. The average processing time for a certified copy of a birth certificate is 5 business days. If you need to get the certificate more quickly, you can pay for expedited service.

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There is an additional processing charge, along with express courier service. Method 2.

Birth Certificates

You can also type directly into the form before printing it out. This will include the amendment and one certified copy.

If you are not the individual named on the certificate, you are required to provide proof of your relationship to the individual. Fill out an Adoption worksheet. One of the adoptive parents must fill out this form and sign it. Be sure to include complete information.

Gather other documentation. You will also need other documentation to support your application for an adoption birth certificate amendment and certified copy.

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You can also have a notary witness your signature on your application. Certified final decree of adoption from the superior court. Be sure this decree has a raised seal on it, which indicates that it has been certified. If the adoption has already been processed, you do not need to include this document. Self-addressed stamped envelope to receive the birth certificate and supporting documents.

Where to Write for Vital Records - Arizona

Mail in your request. What can I do to obtain my birth certificate if I am 18 years of age, but have no contact with my parents? Go to your local courthouse, bringing along your driver's licence, Social Security card, or other legal form of identification, and tell the person an the front desk what you need.

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  6. They will direct you to the right office where you will fill out a form that will ask for your parents' names, your birthdate, your birthplace, and where you want the document shipped.