How to store lp vinyl records

Individual Record Displays

If you have recommendations on vinyl record storage cabinets, shelves and the like, feel free to drop them in the comments below. You might see your pick mentioned, with credit, in the next post! Yes, you read that right. They just so happen to have one of the largest collections of vinyl records in the world , safely nestled in the remarkably dust-free archives of the Library of Congress. We reached out to staff librarians through the Recorded Sound Research Center and utilized their guide to storing audio visual materials to learn how to store vinyl records properly.

Luckily, a collector has an advantage when it comes to storing vinyl records. Vinyl records are the most stable physical sound recording format developed to date tally 1 for vinyl in the great format debate. Unlike tapes and CDs, they can last years in a controlled environment. However, a wide range of variables, from dust and foreign matter to heat and pressure, can cause distortion and surface noise in playback.

Also note that although vinyl records are relatively hardy, record covers are not. Though less problematic than the rules above, there are a few other factors to consider when storing vinyl records. As a rule of thumb, attics and basements are typically not the best places to store vinyl records, though there are exceptions to this. Neither are non-climate controlled storage units. My parents made the mistake of storing their collection in a non-climate-controlled storage unit in Texas one summer.

None of the discs made it out in a playable form.

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Try to find a place that is relatively clean, cool and stable. Many of us are at a place in our life where we have run out of room in our living quarters to store all of the records we have acquired. At this point, some tough decisions must be made: Which ones should be kept? Which ones can be let go?

Outer Sleeves

For those who cannot trim their collection, overflow storage becomes a necessity. Okay, now you know the cardinal rules to follow while storing records. Select the one that suits you best here.

Kaiu Record Storage Holder : This simple piece features a solid wood base with clear acrylic ends that allows you to easily flip through your records and display the album art. You can stand them vertically or horizontally.

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You can add doors. And best of all, the shelves are the perfect dimensions for storing vinyl records.

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Crosley Manchester Entertainment Stand : This is a nice, retro piece that works as both a side table and record storage piece. It boasts a mango wood shelf and thin copper legs. Corner Store Vinyl Storage Rack : This vintage-inspired metal storage rack offers three pockets for storing and displaying your vinyl.

Their customizable, made-to-order 8-drawer Record Cabinet is the stuff dreams are made of for hard core collectors. Aero Storage Cabinets : With their solid maple cabinets and unique swivel drawers, the cabinets by Symbol Audio are pure eye candy for audiophiles. It's done! Since this year we are in our new location, which at the same time offers us enough space for our office rooms as well as our warehouse. On two levels there is now enough space for hundreds of thousands of old and new vinyl treasures. You may remember our great deal from Pennsylvania, where we suceeded to find around In the meanwhile we started to list them.

Vinyl Records

A lot of them are not available on Discogs, therefore you can check them exclusively on our website. It's surely worthwhile to have a look and we can only recommend to pass by regulary as you will find all new arrivals on the top of the listing.

How to Store Vinyl Records

Enjoy your hunt! The recordsale. As passionate vinyl collectors we let our favourite records speak for us. Happy Birthday Rickie Lee Jones!

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  • From ABBA to Zappa - Music for Reading In addition to records, we also offer you a selection of used and new books on the subjects of music and vinyl culture.