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Last Name Hardwick. First Name Marcus. Last Name Johnson. First Name Joseph. Last Name Thompson. First Name Christopher. Last Name White. First Name James. Last Name Taylor.

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First Name Matthew. Last Name Case. First Name Alan. Last Name Barnes.

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First Name Daniel. Last Name Emerson. First Name Juan. Last Name Boone. Being your own investigator can help you immensely when it comes to speeding up your hiring process and finding the right fit for your business. While someone who has served prison time or probation should not immediately be passed over for a job, it is important to learn about the nature of the applicant's criminal charges.

A criminal background check can help you start to uncover these details and help you better understand why your applicant has run-ins with the criminal justice system. By starting with a cursory online criminal background check, you'll get additional information beyond whether the applicant you're searching for has a conviction record. Additional information that may also show up when you find their conviction record includes prison time, any previous lawsuit, the nature of arraignment or acquittal, when a prison release date was, and whether they are still on probation.

It's important to note that some applicants won't put these kinds of details on their application if the crime has been expunged. This is why it is all the more important that you run your own online criminal background checks on any applicant that may seem like they're hiding something. Since the first colonization of America, criminal records have allowed authorities all across the USA to keep track of a person's criminal past. Nowadays, each state has its own criminal records and documentations gathered over the years that is some cases become public records.

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This documentation allows to gain perspective on the crime rates across the USA and conduct statistical analysis of crimes, number of jails and prisons, and also to discover the criminal "hot spots" across the country. During and especially in the s and early s, there were peaks in crime all across the USA, a situation that has changed over time. Since those dark years, there has been a decline in crime rates in the U. S, and although it is nowhere near over, the number of violent crimes has become lower over the past decades. Do to poverty, racial and religious tension, drug abuse, mental difficulties - such as depression, and domestic abuse or neglect, there are several cities across the U.

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S that have received the unfortunate title of being the most violent ones in the country:. Following these three cities, we also find Memphis, Birmingham and Atlanta as part of the top 10 most violent cities in America. By definition, the violent crimes committed in each city are crimes where the offender threatens to use or actually uses force against the victim.

Variations in this definition in each state make the violent crimes to be a matter of jurisdiction, meaning that a violent crime in one state may not be considered the same in another state. After the Seychelles, the U. S has the highest per-capita incarceration rate in the world at people incarcerated per , people. In addition to these 2 million inmates, a total of 4,, adults were on parole or prohibition in The prisoners sentenced to incarceration are divided into two major facilities in accordance to their crime. When police take a person into custody, he or she is under arrest.

The arrest can happen following an investigation or immediately after a crime is committed. Law enforcement agencies across the United States keep detailed arrest records that contain the criminal history of individuals who committed crimes. A document that details a person's history is called an Arrest Record, or a Criminal Record. Each state has its own laws when it comes to the consequences of having arrest records.

NJ Criminal History Records Information

For instance, if you were given a DUI alcohol, your license can be revoked. Some violent crimes result in a lifetime of probation and even losing the right to vote. Each state decides how its criminals will be affected and what rights can be revoked when a person commits a crime.

A background check that reveals arrest records is often performed by employers who wish to know if someone may have criminal records. There are many jobs that a criminal record can prevent you from getting, such as banking, nursing, truck driving, and more. In some places, a criminal record will prevent you from leaving your country to travel abroad. Unlike the handwritten criminal records of the past, nowadays these types of files are kept in computer databases. In addition to the police databases, each state keeps information on arrests and convictions in repositories according to their own guidelines.

Under Title VII, this information can't be used to discriminate. The Fair Credit Reporting Act, or FCRA, also applies to convicts when it comes to background checks using information obtained from the criminal justice system. The FCRA regulates how consumer's credit reports are collected, stored, and shared.

The Three Strikes Law, which was implemented in , requires that a person with two past convictions who commits a third severe violent felony to serve life in prison. As of , 28 US states utilize the Three Strikes Law in accordance with their local laws and regulations. There are three main types of prisons in the United States that divide prisoners based on their crimes: maximum, medium and minimum security.

The prisons exist to punish offenders, deter people from committing crimes, and also to rehabilitate people. The prisoners in state prison and county jail have a daily routine that mandates them to wake up at specified times, go to sleep at specified times, and act according to prison rules. Some inmates perform work on the prison premises and many state prisons offer education and rehabilitation programs to prepare inmates for life outside of the prison.

Over the years, there have been reports about inmates that have been abused by guards in private and federal prison, both physically and mentally. This type of abuse is strictly prohibited, and many guards have gone on trial for for abusing inmates. The prison system in the United States holds inmates who have committed felony crimes under state laws and violated the constitution.

People who have committed less serious offenses get a different form of punishment in accordance to the crime they committed, such as community work, probation or restitution. Felony offenders go to prison, and as of today, there are over 2. Private prisons are prisons that are owned and operated by private companies in the United States. Prison privatization began because governments across the United States needed additional prison capacity they did not have.

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To choose the company that will run a certain prison, bids are held and the company with the most desirable bid wins. The company that gets chosen oversees the daily operations of the prison, such as providing prisoners with supplies, hiring staff, providing prisoners with mandated programs, etc. Each prison decides in which times during the day prisoners will perform the schedule above in accordance to the facility's security level, population and needs.