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If you need to modify alimony payments or child support, he can assist you with the legal process of showing that a substantial change in circumstances has occurred in your life or the life of your former spouse. Modifications to child custody arrangements also may be sought when needed, and knowledgeable representation by a New Jersey divorce lawyer is a critical tool to have on your side in these situations.

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When he is not advocating for the rights of his clients, Mr. Leopold gains great satisfaction from his participation in community organizations. He has judged high school moot court competitions, helping young people develop skills that may make them strong future attorneys. Leopold spends much of his time with his four children, whom he has coached in baseball, basketball, soccer, and softball. Leopold Law Home.

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The court will also make decisions about divorce-related issues, such as child custody and support, division of debts and assets, and alimony. At least one spouse must be a New Jersey resident for at least 12 consecutive months before filing for divorce. New Jersey has two types of no-fault divorce:.

To determine whether these or any other grounds fit your situation, you should consult an experienced New Jersey family law attorney. Make at least three copies of your complaint and related divorce paperwork.

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The court requires that you provide one original and two copies. You should provide the court with a self-addressed stamped envelope so the court can return to you a copy of what you filed.

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For example, if the spouses have lived apart for 18 months, the county where the plaintiff last lived during or at the end of the 18 months is where the divorce is filed submitted , even if the plaintiff no longer lives there. If the complaint says that one spouse deserted the other for 12 months, the complaint is filed in the county where the deserted spouse last lived at the end the 12 months. If you were living outside New Jersey when your marriage began to deteriorate, you can file in the New Jersey county where you now live. To find the court for your county, go to the state court website at www.

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For information on the court fees to file the complaint or to ask for a waiver of the fees, go to the state court website at www. Under New Jersey law, the defendant must be served with a copy of the divorce paperwork see below by one of the following methods:.

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Make at least three copies of the divorce paperwork. Send two copies to the sheriff and keep one for your files. Send the sheriff a self-addressed stamped envelope so the sheriff can send you proof that the defendant received the paperwork. When you receive proof that the defendant received the divorce paperwork, mail that proof to the court. Our attorneys have more than years of combined relevant legal experience, and they are talented individuals who bring compassion and energy to their work.

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Our divorce lawyers are proven litigators with extensive experience handling divorce trials in New Jersey's family law courts. However, when litigation is not the best option, our advocates are skillful negotiators who can represent clients at mediation sessions as well. In New Jersey, a divorce may proceed on either no-fault or fault grounds. With a no-fault divorce, the spouses must first live separately with no intention to reconcile for 18 months.

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During the month separation period, the spouses can negotiate a separation agreement to govern issues relating to child support, child custody, spousal support and division of marital property until the divorce is final. Because of the lengthy separation period required for a no-fault divorce, some couples choose to file the divorce complaint on fault grounds.

Two relatively popular fault grounds for divorce in New Jersey are adultery and extreme cruelty.