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The best infant car seats is still mounted on a sled on rails, which simulates the seat of a vehicle. But our new test represents an improvement over the old protocol in terms of some points:.

The right fit for your baby and you

The first two factors are those of greater weight because they are fundamental considerations that affect the daily life of the consumer. If the caregiver of a child cannot connect the restraint device correctly, the best infant car seats can not provide optimal protection, regardless of its performance in the crash test. The protection against shocks in our new test is qualified with a scale of 3 points: Basic, Best, and Superior. The ratings are based on the following: the injury criteria for child-sized dummies, whether there was direct contact between the dummy head and the simulated front seat back, and whether the best infant car seats remained intact during the course of the test.

They were assigned the Basic protection rating to the seats with which the number of injuries was significantly greater than that measured in other models evaluated or that had some structural failure. Seats with a Basic rating offer much better protection than a lack of a seat, but a Better or Superior seat provides a greater margin of safety.

Waiting for the mother to start labor is too late to make a decision about the infant seat. Even experienced parents may be confused about the correct seat type and when to change it for the next one.

Best Safest Infant Car Seats - Reviews - Baby Safety Lab

And since the installation of the seats for children can be a problem, we add practical tips so you can do it well. It is important to use the correct type of seat to ensure that it remains safe and comfortable and that it has a good fit for your child. If you spend more, you will not necessarily get the seat with the best performance, but may offer you more features.

Many intermediate price models have a performance equal to or better than that of more expensive models. The seats can be reused, but have an expiration date. And you must stop using the seat after a crash or if you suffer any damage. The baby seats have a removable base, a feature of great comfort. Because it allows parents to load the child or place the seat in a compatible stroller. Our tests show that they also offer the best fit for the smallest babies. While these seats are designed to fit babies weighing up to 40 pounds, most children stop using them for height first.

This means that you will need a convertible seat to keep your child looking back until his second birthday. Convertible seats can be used in two directions: forward or backward. It is recommended that children continue to look back until their second birthday. While you may be tempted to use convertible seats for newborns, most do not offer a good fit for small babies. And you lose the comfortable option of having the detachable boot that baby seats bring.

Once the child reaches 2 years of age or the height or weight limit to be placed facing backward. The seat can be placed in the forward facing position. Many have limits of 65 pounds or more.

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When your child is too big for the front-facing harness seat, he will still need an elevator that allows the seatbelt to sit correctly on his body. CR has tested seats for more than 30 years, and we go further today with a simulated mph crash that better represents current vehicle environments. We also test for ease of use: How simple it is to follow instructions or manage buckles and straps; and how well the car seat fits into five different vehicles with challenging interiors. So the better a seat does in our tests, the better your chances of installing it correctly, and safely securing your child.

Spending a lot of money doesn't necessarily mean you'll get the best car seat. Many midpriced models work as well as or better than pricier ones. Whatever the cost, a certain seat may simply just not work with your car.

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This is why we strongly recommend planning ahead. Use our guide to figure out the right seat for your child and car , and to know when you'll need to move your child to the next one. As your child grows, you'll need to transition from one car seat to another.

10 Best Infant Car Seats For Babies 12222 – Expert Reviews & Guide

We explain the different types to help you zero in on the right one for your needs. For more information on which cars work best with child seats, see the Driving With Kids, or Child Safety, sections of our vehicle road-test reports. This is the first seat for most new parents. It can only be installed rear-facing, and it has a removable carrier that connects to a base installed in the car. This car seat provides the best fit for newborns and smaller babies, and can be used for children from 4 to 40 lbs. Most kids will probably get too tall before they get too heavy for these car seats.

A child is too tall when the crown of his head is less than 1 inch from the top of the car seat's carrier shell or when she exceeds the height limits of the seat. The next step after outgrowing an infant seat, is a convertible seat, which should be purchased no later than your child's first birthday. It can be installed rear- or forward-facing. The harness system, similar to an infant car seat's, has a higher rear-facing weight limit. This means kids can ride rear-facing longer, which CR and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend as the safest option.

It must be installed rear-facing for children younger than 1 and weighing less than 20 lbs. These seats can be used rear-facing up to 40 to 50 lbs.

Top 3 Best Infant Car Seats In 2019

Some manufacturers allow forward-facing after age 1, but CR recommends rear-facing until at least age 2, or the rear-facing limits of the seat. When your child is ready, the seat can be turned around and used forward-facing until it's time for a booster seat. Many can hold children as heavy as 65 lbs. Although the minimum weight limit allows for newborns and smaller infants, this type of seat often doesn't provide the best fit for smaller babies or the convenience of a detachable carrier.

When your child outgrows the weight or height limit of a forward-facing seat's harness, it's time for a booster that uses a car's own seat belt. Boosters raise a child up in the car so that the seat belt fits correctly—over the sternum and the center of the collarbone not the neck and low across the upper thighs rather than the abdomen. They come in two main styles, high-back and backless.

Although backless versions are portable and easy to install, we recommend high-back models, because they better position the shoulder belt, provide some side-impact protection, and are more comfortable for children to lay their heads against. These provide great value by taking a child from birth to booster seat.

The Best Infant Car Seats

They're a tempting money-saver, but our tests have found that by trying to do too much they don't do any single task all that well. This type of seat accommodates children from 4 to 50 lbs. All-in-one car seats are often large and heavy, lack the convenience of a detachable carrier, and might not fit smaller babies or smaller vehicles. They could be a good backup seat or a seat for a caregiver who transports a child less often. These can be used only by children who are at the appropriate weight, age, and height limits to sit facing forward.

Designed to be forward-facing only, these have a harness for use up to a certain height and weight , and then transition to a booster, removing the harness. They're for children weighing between 20 and 90 lbs. Good for rear-facing infants and babies up to 30 pounds, the fabric inserts can be wiped clean or machine-washed as needed. Chicco makes both stroller frames and front-facing strollers that can convert to accomdate the KeyFit. Padding on the neck-straps helps reduce chaffing, and a sunshade can be adjusted for comfort. The same 5-point harness system secures your baby, and the strong plastic frame as well as shock-absorbing foam in the body provides protection.

Additional bases are also cheaper if you plan on needing a base in more than one vehicle, and frame strollers and convertible strollers can be purchased separately, as well. Designed for babies from 4- to pounds and up to inches, this seat can also accommodate a bigger babe than the Chicco seat, and help keep your little one rear-facing longer.