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Availability of Simplified or Special Divorce Procedures:.

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When the grounds for divorce are willful desertion or abandonment, there is no requirement to allege or prove an offer of reconciliation. When there are no specific alleged grounds i.

Divorce Laws in West Virginia

However, these agreements are not necessarily binding on the court, and there are no special or expedited divorce proceedings for these couples. Divorce Mediation in West Virginia :.

The court will refer the parties to a dispute resolution session at no cost to them and only as circumstances allow. A history of abuse in the family, if one exists, will factor into the determination of whether mediation would be appropriate. Any issues left unresolved between the parties after the mediation session or after several mediation sessions, if the parties agree to more will be resolved by the court.


How to File for No Fault Divorce in West Virginia - State Requirements and Documents

The fee for the mediator in these sessions is paid by the government. West Virginia Divorce Products. Here you will find an overview of West Virginia divorce laws. From the time the Petitioner files the Petition for Divorce, until the time the Decree of Divorce is signed by the Judge of the Circuit Court, West Virginia has certain procedures that need to be followed.

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These procedures are all in accordance with West Virginia laws, encompassing alimony, child custody and visitation, child support, and equitable distribution. West Virginia divorce laws are put in place for both the Petitioner and the Respondent to receive a fair divorce.

How Does Adultery Affect a Divorce in Virginia?

Sometimes, hiring a divorce lawyer or mediator in your area is the best way to ensure that this happens. Other causes for divorce in West Virginia:. West Virginia is an equitable distribution state.

Residency Requirements and Reasons for Divorce

In the absence of a valid agreement, the court shall presume that all marital property is to be divided equally between the parties, but may alter this distribution, without regard to fault to either party, after a consideration of the following:. The court in ordering a divorce may require either party to pay spousal support. The court shall consider the following factors in determining the amount of spousal support, if any, to be ordered:.

A child support order is determined by dividing the total child support obligation between the parents in proportion to their income.

Is there an alternative to divorce in West Virginia? | Arnold & Bailey

West Virginia uses guidelines for child support award amounts so as to ensure greater uniformity by those persons who make child support recommendations and enter child support orders and to increase predictability for parents, children and other persons who are directly affected by child support orders. If the court finds that the guidelines are inappropriate in a specific case, the court may either disregard the guidelines or adjust the guidelines-based award to accommodate the needs of the child or children or the circumstances of the parent or parents.

The following factors may be possible reasons for deviation:.