How do i find the colour of my car

These codes may be separated into the body color and trim color, which are sometimes different. Look for a "C" code if you don't see the words "paint" or "color. Look for the letter "C" which usually indicates color. You may also see the abbreviation "Tr" indicating the color of the trim on your car.

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Method 2. Look for the character VIN on your vehicle title.

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Your vehicle title is the legal document you receive when purchasing a car that lists you as its owner. This document will feature important information about your car, such as the make, year of manufacture, and current license plate number. Get the VIN from your vehicle registration certificate. Your registration certificate is proof that your vehicle is owned by you and registered to you. This document features information about the driver and the car, including the make and model of the vehicle and the year it was manufactured.

Look for the VIN right after these other car details.

Car colour popularity

Check your insurance papers to see if your VIN is listed. When you insure your vehicle, you have to provide information about it to the insurance company. As such, your VIN should be listed on your insurance policy and may appear on insurance documents that you receive by mail. Check your automobile insurance papers to look for the 17 character VIN. Search your car repair records if you have had work done.

Check any repair receipts and records you may have to look for the VIN. The number may be written on these documents for reference. The same study found that drivers, paradoxically, also considered red to be the most dangerous vehicle colour. In general, lighter-coloured vehicles are less likely to be in accidents.

This is presumably because they are more visible, especially at night. A New Zealand study concluded that silver was a particularly safe car colour. Silver cars were about 50 per cent less likely to be in a crash causing serious injury than white cars. The study found that brown, black and green cars have a relatively higher risk of being in a crash. Interestingly, the risk of serious injury in red, blue, grey and yellow cars was about the same as the risk in white cars. An Australian study , meanwhile, found that silver cars were NOT the safest. Seat Belt Covers. Ute Liners. Parking Safety.

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Does the Colour of My Car Affect My Safety?

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