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Church records from that time, especially marriages and burials, became more detailed. In the Netherlands was incorporated into the Napoleonic empire.

On 6 January the French Imperial Napoleon decree served notice that by 1 March all births, marriages and deaths had to be recorded by the civil authorities of each municipality. The civil officers were made responsible for keeping vital records. Civil registration was accomplished by requiring the people to report all births, marriages, and deaths to a civil registration office [Burgerlijke Stand], located in the municipality [gemeente].

After Napoleon's defeat, the Dutch government continued the civil registration system. In Limburg and parts of Zeeland, civil registration began as early as , because they had already been conquered by France. They cover the entire population and have one year and 10 year indexes. Civil registration records are the most important source for genealogical research in the Netherlands and are easily accessible. If a child was born out of wedlock it will not usually mention a father, even if he is known.

If the child's parents do later marry and the father acknowledge the child as his, it will mention this in the margin. At that time the last name of the child will also change from the mother's last name to the father's last name.

Clerk-Recorder Division

However this does not mean that he is the biological father! If the child is illegitimate, but the father is named, there is no reason to suspect false paternity. Church Records may be of use in these situations, but are difficult to access. The following records will usually be found in a Huwelijksbijlagen Marriage supplement. Divorce cases are handled by the district courts. A record of the divorce will be recorded at the back of the marriage register of the municipality where the couple lived at the time of their divorce.

For large cities in later years they will be in separate registers. There is usually a note in the margin of the original marriage record. Divorces before the 20th century were uncommon. Civil death records often exist for individuals whom there are no birth or marriage records for. Deaths were usually registered within three days of the death in the municipality where the person died. If the deceased person was not a resident of that town, often a copy would be sent to that person's residence. Remember, married women are always recorded under their maiden surname.

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Information about parents, the birth date and birthplace of the deceased, and other information in a death record may be inaccurate since the person who gave the information may not have had complete information. Children who died before the declaration of birth was made are recorded as stillborn and are found only in the death records.

This also means that when a child is recorded as stillborn it may not necessarily be true, as a birth had to be recorded within 3 days of birth. In other words, if the child died within those three days, it would most likely not be recorded in the birth records. When looking for a stillborn child you may have to look in the index under 'L' for 'Levenloos' stillborn ,. Those people who were born without a fixed surname are probably recorded under a patronymic or were "given" a surname posthumously, often based on the farm they were born at or lived at. See the page Netherlands Population Registers for information about ordering these records.

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These records are not Civil Registration. She has been doing genealogy for almost 25 years. Her expertise is helping people from across the world find their ancestors in the Netherlands. Read about Yvette's professional genealogy services.

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She didnt have copies of her old passports, and i would ike to find out if i can get a copy somewhere? I have the same issue. If so, please let me know how. The instructions are in the article. Obtaining certificates that are not public is not a service we provide. Is there anyway I can obtain this information — I have very little information about them. This is usually hard to find. My dad died in Amsterdam in , He was a Dutch citizen. I live in the UK.

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Can I get a copy of the death certificate? I am not familiar with modern regulations. I recommend you contact the municipality or consulate. Sign me up for the free newsletter! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Do you need a genealogist in the Netherlands to help you with your research? Please read what Yvette can do for you. This Dutch Genealogy webinar gives you a great introduction to researching your Dutch ancestors. Requires a Legacy FamilyTreeWebinar subscription to watch.

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  • Hi Jacqui I have the same issue. Many thanks Debbie. Please help me, I require a cpoy of my partners birth certificate as we are getting marriage.

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