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Fish combination, all you can eat, is the order of the menu.

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All nfembers are urged to attend and enjoy the food, fun and dancing. A spring luncheon will be given by the society on Tuesday, April Pat Bender is luncheon chairman and Mrs. Roy Badgley is program chairman. The women of the Congregational Church of Pes- cadero and the W. Two Circles of the W. They will meet in the homes on the third Tuesday in each month. The morning Circle at 10 o'clock and the evening Circle at 8 p.

Women form the local Society will attend a District Meeting of the W. The April general meet- ing of the Socity will be held at S p. Adrien Kuffer has been appointed pro- gram chairman. The last Session of the W. Spiritual Lite study was held Wednesday, April 2. The study has been conducted- by Rev. Badgley, who expresses his thanks to all those who'made'the class successful. Sixteen women were enrolled for the study. They were accompanied on the rip by Mrs.

Indianapolis Journal, Volume 1, Number 120,Indianapolis, Marion County, 7 February 1872

Leona Rathborne, Vlrs. Irma Ralstor and Rev. Roy Badley.. Rummage Sale For South S.

Ilizabeth's Episcopal church will pen April 11, announces Mrs. The parish hall of church lo- aied at Orange avenue and El Real, will be the scene of he sale which will run from 9 a.

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The public will ttend. All mem- ers planning to attend are askjd o please make their luncheon res- rvations through secretary, Mrs. Airman David P. Roberts, son of Mri and Mrs. Airman Roberts attend ed Hillsdale High school where he played football. Robert Shields Jr. Robert E. Angelo D. Torrise, son of Mr. Joseph's school of Menlo Park Members of the hostess com- nittee which is headed. Taylor will. Thomas will speak on cut lass, American and European, in uding knife rests, of which she as a collection.

Ven- turi had just staged a birdie- birdie-birdie. Some two score sports writers surrounded him in the clubhouse for a post-mortem on his strange, From the rear of the crowd came a familiar voice: "What's this- A The jest came from, the man is expected to replace as golf's foremost player today the little Texan, Beri Hogan. Once the" most feared man on the links, Hogari used to be the center attraction at the mass in- terviews.

But this time he wandered around. He was hardly noticed. Hogan moved "tho crowd, kiddingly seized a pencil and-paper from one of the. Venturi looked-, at the master he admires so much, smiled wan- ly. But, apparently flustered, he had no quick reply. Then Hogan returned the pen- cil and pad to, the owner- and moved back into the shadows. A-young writer shuffled over to Hogan's locker. The young Cali- fornian shot a blazing 3Z on the back nine for a par 72 and a two-day low score of Atrocious pitching.

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Bob Purkey, obtained -from Pittsburgh, has perked up the pitching staff. So has Harvey Ha'd- dix, from Philadelphia.

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  8. Some other new men are also likely to help. They i-n c 1 u d e Willard Schmidt. Ted Wieand and Marty Kutyna from St. Louis and Bill Wight from Baltimore. Last night, Prukey gave up only wo hits in a scoreless six inning tint as Cincinnati defeated Wash ngton In their last 10 games of- which hey've 'won seven and tied, one, Redleg pitchers have given up mly 30 runs.

    Schmidt followed Purkey to the mound and gave up all of Wash- ngton's runs but Wieand relieved o put. Most of the teams were busy ireaking camp, so only 'four other games were played. An error by first baseman Kent ladle'y in the eighth prevented 'erry from registering his second traight shutout. The Chicago White Sox nipped It. Louis in a night game on herm Lollar's two-Out single- in le ninth. The blow scored Tito 'rancona.

    The Detroit Tigers played two f their farm clubs.. Baltimore at Mesa. Cincinnati vs. New York: at Jackson- ville. Pittsburgh vs. Kansas City at Fort Myers, Fla. Louis VB. Steve Miranda of Oracle tells Diginomica "We're pretty comfortable with our strategy of supporting customers who are on-premise and want to stay that way with support from Applications Unlimited until the time is right for them to make a move. I feel good about that. UpperEdge , on the other hand, argues that under pressure from Wall Street "So ready or not, Oracle will be trying to force migrations according to their own timeline.

    Who to believe? In my recent book, SAP Nation 3. I had a whole chapter where I provide guidance to SAP to "tilt the bell curve" and energize the Bystanders. However, the writing has been on the wall and for years now. Can you imagine what it will be like in or ? By all means, listen to all these perspectives, but in the end make your own hard-nosed decision. Actually decisions.

    Revisit them every year. The market is changing rapidly. As I show in the book, the SAP world has dramatically changed in the last few years. So many cloud flavors. You should also get clarity on upcoming releases, especially around vertical and geographic functionality that keeps growing. They keep talking about their financials, hr and crm - not so much about the rest of the enterprise.

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    So, they have an even bigger challenge - and opportunity - to tilt their bell curve. As a customer, use it to your advantage. Also take advantage of the market bounty. We live in multi-vendor, multi-cloud worlds. I have talked to other Rimini customers who are moving to next-gen applications over a few years, and in the meantime move their legacy apps with significant customizations to Rimini. Don't wait for a vendor-driven EOL date and then have to fight a crowd of your rushed peers. Plan how and when at your own terms.

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    You should be deciding the EOL of your legacy applications. What followed next was a series of intense but productive discussions — real back-and- forth between SAP customers, user group leaders and SAP executives that soon expanded to customer concerns around sales and audit practices. There were many trips to Walldorf and meetings in Newtown Square. The others included Gartner analysts - not those that come up with MQs.

    Those that reminded me of my time there in the 90s. Buyer advocates who help in vendor negotiations. There were independent analysts like me.

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    This was a dream team anyone negotiating a big contract with SAP should aspire to bring together to represent them. Of course, SAP was represented by an even more formidable team. Their top attorneys and licensing experts, some of who have shaped its deals for over two decades. We did not represent any particular named customer.