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SW Ohio: Cincinnati see split ; overlay cancelled.

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SE Arizona: Tucson area split from ; see split Western and Southwest Virginia: Shenandoah and Roanoke valleys: Fredericksburg, Harrisonburg, Roanoke, Salem, Lexington and nearby areas see split ; split from See overlay W Washington State: Olympia, Bellingham overlaid on ; see also , , ; assigned but not in use.

Louis and Kansas City.

The 10 Most Prestigious Phone Area Codes and How You Can Get One | KeKu

Canada: Southeastern Quebec; suburbs outside metro Montreal overlaid on Mississippi: Meridian, Jackson area see splits , ; overlay Arizona: Phoenix see ; also Phoenix split , Minnesota: Minneapolis split from St. Paul, see ; see splits , Northern Middle Tennessee: Nashville metro area see , ; see overlay , eff S California: San Diego see split ; overlay , Arizona: West Phoenix see ; also Phoenix split , Northern Middle Tennessee: Nashville metro area see , ; overlaid on , eff W NE Illinois, western suburbs of Chicago part of what used to be ; overlay Missouri: W St.

New York Phone Number Area Codes

Louis metro area of St. Louis county, St. Charles County, Jefferson County area south between and New York overlaid on , , NYC mostly mobile. N Georgia: metropolitan Atlanta overlay; see , Central Florida: Metro Orlando see overlay ; overlaid on , assigned but not in use.

The 10 Most Prestigious Phone Area Codes and How You Can Get One

W North Carolina: Charlotte see split , overlay Illinois: southern and western suburbs of Chicago see ; overlay Mid SE Texas: central Houston split ; overlay , Northern and western Orange County see split , overlay E Pennsylvania: Harrisburg see split , overlay S Texas: Austin overlaid on , suspended; see also SE and Central Ohio outside Columbus; split from ; overlay Florida: Broward County area, incl Ft.

Minnesota: Minneapolis NW split from ; see also Georgia: Atlanta suburbs: outside of I- ring road part of what used to be ; see also overlay Central Florida: St. Illinois: city of Chicago, outside the loop see ; overlay Canada: Northern Alberta, north of Lacombe see , , Massachusetts: Boston surburbs, to the north and west see splits , ; overlay S Cent. Dominican Republic see splits , , , , , , , , , , , ; overlay Petersburg, Clearwater, and Sarasota. Those three little numbers are conveying important information to anyone you call; where you can be reached or which part of the country you are from and it even imparts hints about your social status and occupation.

Because of this, callers all across the country are paying an unbelievable price to obtain specific prestigious area codes. Some are even spending close to six figures to acquire a specific Los Angeles or San Francisco area code.

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For businesses, having an area code specific to their city of operation is very important. Businesses are therefore willing to pay high dollar to achieve exactly the number they want.

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With that being said, thanks to the growth of virtual phone systems, obtaining the exact phone area code you want is easier than ever. A virtual number works the same way as your local number. With the KeKu app, you can manage as many numbers as you want alongside your primary number — all on your existing smartphone. That means you can simultaneously use phone numbers with various area codes for your business and personal needs.

Can I get a 415 (San Francisco) number?

The tech boom has made San Francisco and Silicon Valley a very trendy area to live and work. Implementing the area code could make a huge difference in your credibility if you currently work or aspire to work in the tech sphere. Got political aspirations? A area code may help your chances.

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  8. As mentioned before, that area code is one of the most sought after area codes and therefore, one of the toughest to acquire. There are a huge amount of reasons to market yourself with a area code. The and area codes of Hollywood and Pasadena are also always in high demand.

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    New York City is the center of it all, the Big Apple. New York City is the hub for a wide variety of industries; finance, fashion, entertainment, sports, politics- you name it. Marketing yourself as a member of the most bustling city in the world could mean a lot for your business and personal life.