I cant find my cell phone

Apps such as Dropbox and OneDrive can automatically upload these for you, or you can use the Google Photos or iCloud Photos options that come with your phone. Keeping photos and videos in the cloud. You can always take out phone insurance of course, if you think it's worth it. Most insurance companies will cover you for loss, theft, and accidental damage for a relatively low monthly fee, which will vary depending on the cost of your phone.

To help increase the chances of getting your phone back, you can leave a message on the lock screen, maybe including your email address or alternative phone number. If you use two-factor authentication to get into your key accounts, you might well use an app on your phone , or a code sent via SMS, to provide your identify.

Without your phone, that will be more tricky, so make sure you've set up alternative access options ahead of time. In the case of Google accounts, for instance, you can get a list of backup codes to use if your main two-factor method is compromised, or set up a secondary number. Those steps should go a long way to making things easier on you if and when you do somehow lose your smartphone. But there are some things you can still do even after it's gone.

If your phone goes missing or gets stolen, your carrier should be your first call though you'll have to borrow someone else's phone, obviously. The network operator can make sure no one is running up a bill using your texts or call credits, or tried to impersonate you using your mobile number. They can lock your SIM card , and you'll get another.

If the phone was pinched, log the incident with the local police. The chances of getting your handset might be slim, but they'll be even slimmer if the cops don't know that you're missing a phone. And if it does turn up, the police will be able to return it to you. Those of you who've taken out phone insurance will probably need a crime number to make a claim too, which is another reason to register the theft. And if you have taken out insurance on your phone, you will of course want to get in touch with the insurance firm as soon as possible too.

As mentioned above, you can use Find My Device or Find My iPhone to see where your phone is and remotely disable it if needed. Whether you're using the Android or iOS tool, the options are broadly the same.

If you have another Android or iOS device, you can use that to track down your missing device; if not, head to the web and track from there. Again: Don't confront the criminal if your phone's been stolen. You'll see you have options to make the phone ring, if it's lost somewhere in the house. You can also remotely lock the screen, if you think it might have been unlocked when you left it, or remotely erase the device.

That's the safest option; just make sure you've got backups in place. Even if you think your phone is well protected against unauthorized access, it's worth checking your various apps and accounts on a laptop or another phone to make sure no one is accessing them who shouldn't be. Fortunately, most apps, especially the ones that contain sensitive information will warn you about unauthorized attempts to access your account.

On Facebook, for example, you can see current logins on this page—if there's one you don't recognize, or you see your stolen or lost phone in the list, you can click the three dots to the right then Log out. Alternatively, click Log out of all sessions to force out any other devices connected to your accounts. Plenty of other online accounts let you do the same trick, including Google and Twitter. If your phone is protected by a lock screen, you shouldn't have too much to worry about in terms of access to your accounts, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

For even more peace of mind, you might want to change the passwords on your key accounts, so if someone should gain access to your lost or stolen phone, they'll still be locked out.

Turn on Remote Tracking. Nicholas Thompson. Finally, I abruptly suck some air into my lungs and wake in bed. I'm amazed that it all actually was indeed a dream - it was Doc - Mar PM. I had a dream that there was a old lady laying on the floor, I'm using my phone to call for the ambulance but unable to do so as my fingers are to fat to press the numbers, then I try a phone box, same thing happens and then I use a key pad same thing happens mjgejag - 2-Mar PM.

I have a dream, I was under a tree and others was around there too and heard an alarming noise and when I turn, I saw a girl running towards my direction, to alarm us of a car running towards our direction so I escaped and the car hit on the tree and the tree begarn to fall and I woke up. Wise - 7-Feb PM.

Why you need to protect your phone number

Every dream I can remember for as long as I remember involves a phone I need to use but am unable to. The reasons vary from no service,wrong numbers,to just unable to get my fingers to work to even dial. Every single dream - Guess that says alot about my communication skills eh?

Lol geez Kj - Jan PM. Sumbliss - 6-Dec PM. Mine was about not being able to call a cab. There was a flood and I didn't feel comfortable driving home but I didn't want to be stuck at my old high school for some reason. I'm in my 30s now so I was trying to call a cab. I couldnt remember the numbers and I couldn't find the numbers either.

I asked people for help but they couldn't remember or help. One could but I couldn't dial the number. So I tried calling my step father but I couldn't find his or my mom's number. Then part of the school collapsed from the flood. Very frustrating dream. I had a dream where my stepmom took me but she drove from the passengers seat. And when i tried to call him again literally every noise just stopped and the dream went on in silence i woke up after the noise stopped cause like yikes.

They are currently going through a divorce btw Wootwooot - Nov PM. I have dreamt sporadically about not being able to use a Phone when I really need to. Its almost as if I have boxing gloves on or big fingers - too big to ring the correct number. I frequently get to the last digit - thinking all ok and then it goes wrong again. Leeney - 1-Nov AM. Then I got home to my house but it was bad there too, the same bad doctor would pull up and run to the unlocked doors before I could lock them, this happened serveral times as he would run to a different door and it would always be unlocked Dr - 7-Oct PM.

I was always trying to get help for myself or someone else in distress in these dreams. No matter who it was for,the phone never worked. It finally dawned on me what the dreams were a bout. For me the dreams meant quite literally No one is coming to rescue you. You have to handle your own problems yourself. Don't even try to look for an easy way out.

Everything You Should Do Before—And After—You Lose Your Phone

Once I had that realization the dreams ceased. Diane - 6-Oct PM. Giggles - Your Question:. I have a reoccurring dream that I'm driving a car, thing is.

Drake - Hotline Bling

I'm not in the car, I'm behind it. It's almost as if I'm driving a remote control car like kids play with, except in my dream it's a real car. It's getting further and further away from me and harder to see what I should do, there is a curve in the road and even though I can't see, I keep driving the car around that curve.

Sometimes, I just keep driving it blindly untill I somehow know I've crashed, other times I will stop and hope nothing is going to crash into me. I'm always trying to catch up with it to see what's going on. AnalyseDreams - Sep AM. I have a reoccurring dream that I'm driving a car, thing is Giggles - Sep AM. This is how relationships start, you meet someone, there is an instant attraction and then as if by magic they may appear somewhere where you least expect it : If you are dreaming of him disconnecting though, it means you are not very hopeful of seeing him again.

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AdY - 7-Sep PM. I developed a crush on someone who's in a relationship, and from body language it seemed as though the couple are not in sink. I'm not at that store anymore and haven't seen him since. We have a nice conversation, then suddenly the phone disconnects I had a dream where my mom told me to go bathe her fetus. It was a very small baby, the size of an aborted fetus but alive. I then attempted to again and could not find the phone.

Anon - Aug AM. Prophetic dreams aren't anything new to me, I've had them on and off since I was a child. From big things, like my cousins getting into a very serious car accident, down to at least seemingly insignificant like dreaming 2 different things that I ran across back to back online last night. I can sleep for 15 minutes and fully dream, or during the night I occasionally have dreams where I move in with random roommates, get a new job, and live day to day life for a month or 2, complete with all the shifts at work and the home time as well.

Those are always really crazy because I remember all my new friends names and all sorts of details beyond what most people say they experience in a dream.

How to find your lost Android phone | Android Central

The absolute craziest was from about March of until November 8 I had almost the same dream at least 3 times a week. The end of the world would happen, a different way every time, aliens, war, disease, usually something terrifying we are trying to escape when a man, always a different guy, but always the same. He says, "Follow me, I have everything you need, I am a great man that can give you a safe place with food and water, there are other people already there. The very last night I had this dream was the night before our most recent presidential election.

I fully believe I dreamt of Trump's coming for over 3 years before it happened. I am just thankful those dreams are done. I really hate apocalyptic dreams. I'd love to do some dream studies! AnitaTaco - Aug AM. HoneyTattletail - Your Question:.