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In this digital era, finding information is easier than ever before. From online databases to business directories, there are dozens of ways to research people and companies. Let's say you get a call from an unknown phone number. It could be a potential employer, business partner or old friend. Before calling back, try to find out the owner of the number. This will prevent unnecessary stress and help prepare you for the conversation.

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Plus, it's a good way to avoid falling victim to phone scams. The easiest way to find a business by phone number is to go online.

Open a search engine and enter the phone number that called you. If there are no results, add the area code. In case you got a call from an international phone number, remove the country code. If the number belongs to a legitimate business, it should appear in the search results.

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From here, it's up to you to decide whether or not to call back. The White Pages website allows users to conduct a reverse business phone number lookup. This online database features over million phone numbers along with the owner's name and address, business information, financial records, criminal records and scam reports.

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Access the Reverse Phone page and enter the phone number you're interested in. You can also check the area code if necessary. The Yellow Pages provides a similar function on its website, so it's worth trying it out. Truecaller is a mobile and desktop app with over million users worldwide. This type of category search is different from typical requests that focus on asking for specific listings.

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At the outset, the system plays an advertisement and there can be other ads later on in the call. The system can also provide details to the caller's wireless phone via text message. Current growth figures suggest the segment will reach 1. Verizon wireless or more on cell phones.

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What was not clear for any of these providers is whether there will be enough expansion in advertisers to support the business model. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Denver Post.

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