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Nicholas Eckert, 27, of Skowhegan, criminal mischief Sept.

Merton J. James Helsley, 32, of Orrington, violating conditions of release Sept. Alex J. McDougal, 22, of Skowhegan, eluding an officer July 15, , in Fairfield, dismissed. Leo J. McGuire, 63, of Norridgewock, disorderly conduct, offensive words, gestures Nov. Duston A.

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McKeehan, 30, of Strong, operating while license suspended or revoked Oct. Scott M.

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McLean, 27, of North Anson, violating conditions of release Sept. Operating under the influence Sept. Anthony B. Park, 19, of Waterville, burglary Oct.

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  • Marion Parsons, 49, of Detroit, violating protection from abuse order Aug. Hunter Paten, 24, of Hartland, domestic violence assault July 22, , in St. Albans, day jail sentence all but five days suspended, two year probation. Bradford J. Shelby T. Skidgell, 32, of Moscow, domestic violence assault Jan. Violating conditions of release Sept.

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    Joshua D. Jacob G. Michael N. Whitman, 35, of Skowhegan, operating under the influence Aug. Forgot password? Subscribe now. Subscribe Login. It provided for a Supreme Judicial Court and such inferior courts as the legislature should establish. On June 24, , the Supreme Judicial Court was established.

    The establishing act also provided for the keeping of records and the reporting of decisions, transferred pending actions before the Court of Common Pleas in certain counties to the Supreme Judicial court, and set the terms of the Court for the first year and the year following. On June 27, , the Maine legislature reestablished the Court of Sessions, which was later to become the Court of Commissioners, and in , County Commissioners Court. After statehood, the legislature reestablished the Court of Sessions within its own court system. All business of the old court was assumed by the new Court of Sessions.

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    The court was vested with all powers relative to the erection and repair of jails and other county buildings; allowances and settlements of county accounts; granting licenses; laying out, altering and discontinuing highways; laying and assessing taxes. The new court was to be composed of one chief justice and not more than four nor less than two associate justices. The terms of the court, in most counties, were held twice annually. One of the duties carried over from the old Court of Sessions was the requirement that the it oversee the administration of county jails and keep track of the rules and regulations promulgated by the jailer.

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    Jailers were required to keep track of the number of prisoners, their names and conditions, the work they did and the products they produced, and the total cost of materials furnished to the convict. All this information wag to be kept in a book and reported to the Court of Sessions periodically. On the same day that the Court of Sessions was reestablished, the position of clerks of court was established.

    They were given custody and care of all court records and required to keep an account of all fees. They had to post a bond to insure that they would turn over all their records to their successors.

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    The records were to be kept in a safe place, later to be provided for by the Court. In the Court was authorized to provide compensation in the event of the taking of land for a new highway. If the owner of the property was dissatisfied with the award, he could appeal for a new jury. Through a series of acts of the Maine legislature, the Supreme Judicial Court was given jurisdiction over cheating, digging up dead bodies, sodomy and bestiality, forgery and counterfeiting, arson, perjury and subornation of perjury, destroying vessels, murder, assault, dueling, and other crimes of violence, rape, lewd and lascivious cohabitation, gross lewdness, burglary, robbery, and treason.

    Some of the offenses were punishable by fines only, while others, in the Circuit Court of Common Pleas, involved jail terms. In many instances, the fine was to go to the town in which the offense was committed; some portion of the fine to go to the informer, if applicable and if he should sue to collect it.

    go site They were also required to look into all other criminal matters. Five years later, justices of the peace who planned to leave the state were required to turn over theirs records to the clerk of courts in the county for which the justice was commissioned. If a justice of the peace should die, his executor or administrator was required to turn over the records. On March 20, , Probate Courts were established with provisions for judges and registers of probate. On February 4, , the Court of Common Pleas was established, providing that there should be three justices, any one of whom could hold court.

    One of the three was to be designated the chief justice. The Court had exclusive jurisdiction over all civil actions, except those which the just1ces of the peace or the Supreme Judicial Court had original jurisdiction, and those actions in replevin recovery of property , trespass, ejectment a suit to remove a person occupying real estate unlawfully. Common Pleas also had jurisdiction over all crimes and misdemeanors that the old Massachusetts Common Pleas Court dealt with, and over all appeals from the justices of the peace.

    By an act of February 22, , the first municipal court of the new state of Maine was established at Portland. There had been municipal judges and justices of the peace prior, but now there was an officially designated municipal court. The act, which took effect on June 1st, provided that the judges of the municipal court be appointed by the governor. The jurisdiction and terms remained the same. In , town courts were established in every city, town, or plantation in the state.

    They consisted of one justice for any town having persons and two justices for any town having 2, persons. The justices, meeting monthly, were to have the same powers as a justice of the peace. Despite the new town court system, there remained municipal or police judges in Portland and Bangor.

    Terms of various county courts were often adjusted, added or abolished during the s. On April 9, , the District Court system was abolished and all powers and duties were given to the Supreme Judicial Court.

    The state remained divided into three judicial districts: Western, consisting of York, Cumberland, Oxford, and Franklin counties; Middle, consisting of Lincoln, Kennebec, Somerset, and Waldo counties; and Eastern, consisting of Piscataquis, Penobscot, Hancock, Washington, and Aroostook counties. In order to handle the increased load, the Supreme Judicial Court was increased from 4 to 7 justices.

    By popular vote, Auburn became its shire town. By vote of its population, Bath became its shire town. Sagadahoc was made part of the Middle Judicial District. The law terms that is, sitting as the Law Court of the Supreme Judicial Court were changed so that there would be two law terms at Augusta in the Middle Judicial District. The Law Court decides the meaning of laws where there is controversy, and determines whether certain laws, when challenged, are constitutional or not. At the first term, any matter pending in any county could be heard.

    The second term was to be only for matters pending in the Middle District. A municipal court was established in the town of Biddeford. The municipal court was abolished in Portland and in its place, a police court was established, only to reversed the next year.