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Ok if no where else to go People are working 12 hours with no lunch breaks Horrible place with horrible treatment. The pay is not any where near compensation for the abuse you receive working for Smith County. Not only are you mentally and sometimes physically abused by inmates, but also mentally abused by people in power.

From the actual Sheriff of Smith County down to Sergeants in the jail there is no one, and I mean no one, on the side of the jailers.

Jailers are treated as disposable second class citizens at the Smith County jail. The only value seen in them by the higher ups is to be a fall guy or scapegoat if a problem arises or incident occurs. The way they treat you. Do not recommend this job to anyone. Low pay.

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Arrogant and obnoxious co-workers. Poor training. Made you feel terrible about working there. Old employees are threatened by new employees because they feel like the new employees are "gunning for their jobs. Although it is the county government, I wouldn't recommend this agency to my worst enemy. I am sure that it a better place to work than when I was there.

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It was ok but the pay sucked and the bosses where not the best. Glad the old guard is gone. Job Security. Smith County was a great place to work until new management took over. Majority of ranking officers are very messy and they don't keep anything confidential. If they would increase pay and stop showing favoritism the place wouldn't a bad place to work.

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While I worked there for 5yrs, Pay to low for baby sitting adults. Looked over for advancement until you put in a two week notice then the world is promised. Police work. Patrol the county, complete paperwork, arrest offenders, answer calls to service, and civil process. I learned to be open to whatever happens because in this line of work you never know whats about to happen.

I was extremely blessed to have 2 immediate supervisors that were excellent to work for. The hardest part of the job was probably having to see some things that were not easy to see. The most enjoyable part was doing what I loved. You must know what youre doing when it comes to this job!!!

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Its a very stay on your tippie-toes job. You're dealing with inmates and trying to secure the facility.

Plus, you're dealing with you co-workers as well. And believe me, they are a handful as well. Great place to work. Dallas County Wanted Offenders List. Houston Most Wanted Gang Members. Smith County Arrest Warrants.

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