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But it can be difficult to separate out the influences of culture and class. Ugandan families have traditionally been large and extended — which proved crucial in recent decades as family members stepped in to care for people orphaned or devastated by civil war or Aids. But Wandera says that as families get smaller and more nuclear, and as urbanisation increases, the prevalence of estrangement is likely to rise. But Wandera expects change within 20 years or so. Divorce contributes to the loss of family relationships, especially with fathers. So do secrets. The abandonment of relatives with marginalised identities is also a common factor, such as family rejection of sexual and gender minorities in Vietnam.

But estrangement is often quiet and undramatic. Still, even if the triggers seem trivial, they reflect long-lived tension. Families looking to reconcile should recognise that conflicts are unlikely to be just about isolated incidents, so it could be helpful to engage with the past.

For those seeking reconciliation — or to prevent estrangement to begin with — suspending judgement may also be helpful. Factors went beyond religion too. One mother who highly valued truthfulness cut off a son who told lies, while a mother who highly valued self-reliance stopped speaking with a daughter who she believed was dependent on a man. In fact, these violations of what mothers saw as their personal values made estrangement even more likely than when there were societal norm violations — such as the child having committed a crime.

And this value congruence was more important to mothers than to fathers. So they never got over it. Adult children in the UK, for example, most often mention emotional abuse as the cause of their estrangement from their parents.

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But parents are much less likely to mention emotional abuse which refers to persistent attempts at control through humiliation, criticism or any of a number of other damaging behaviours. Instead, they referred more often to causes like divorce, or mismatched expectations. But either way, this disconnect is common. And, of course, if one person is defensive or unwilling to listen , the pair might be speaking without truly communicating. Bland sees this disconnect as stemming from how the generations have very different conceptions of family. People saw their family relationships in terms of concepts of duty and self-sacrifice, which sometimes meant people putting up with emotional or physical abuse — or not perceiving it.

For siblings, mismatched values and expectations also play a role.

But parental favouritism is another significant factor. While it could be easy to see estrangement as solely negative, the reality is more complicated. Just as traditional taboos against divorce can keep women tethered to abusive and exploitative marriages, a dogmatic belief in the sanctity of families can keep people suffering needlessly. People can feel that cutting out toxic relationships was the right choice. It can be a crucial step away from a legacy of abuse.

Family Secrets: One Woman's Affectionate Look at a Relatively Painful Subject

Nor are conflicts always with every other member of a family. In other words, cutting off contact with a family member might be most painful because of the way society misunderstands and attaches shame to it. Even therapists commonly blame, dismiss or disbelieve their patients who are describing estrangement. Women are especially likely to be stigmatised.

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Some people limit their social interactions to avoid discussing family. I had a filling that I needed to get done by on my lower left tooth professionally referred to as When they placed the original crown in my mouth, I absolutely loved the way my smile looked and felt. That was because my smile felt more symmetrical and I felt prettier, which was a significant psychological benefit as a trans person actively seeking to transition. However, my doctor made a minor adjustment to the crown, which tragically led to that feeling being ripped from me, as my smile went back to the way it was before, which was a problem for me.

Disgruntled and feeling completely disempowered as a trans person, my doctor and his staff not only repeatedly misgendered me, but also used my lack of presentation in feminine clothing as a piece of evidence with which to patient profile me as drug addled after a mildly contentious dispute, wherein I questioned their authority as a dental official, the dispute was about the crown that was originally doctored and I was asking if that situation could be remedied.

That being said, I am looking for a new doctor; someone with equal credentials but better patient service in the area. I wrote this post inquiring as to whether or not I had a legal options for being unfairly patiently profiled? In NYS trying to find a lawyer to hire is like finding a doctor for reasonable medial care…. We need to organize ourselves… not just doctors or patients… that puts up barriers. Joss, this is just my opinion, but part of the problem is that physicians have considerably to put it mildly more funds than you do to get the finest attorneys, malpractice insurance, the power to label you as any kind of person they want to and unfortunately much of society still has the opinion that because they are in a position of being held up as more respectable, unquestionably honest and of a better class of people than Mr.

Joe Citizen…that they are not to be questioned about even obviously bad behavior. Some people are even in awe of them and would never question their judgement or morals. They are human beings just like you and I and just as flawed…believe me. They are in a position of power and trust and have the ability and means to decide if you will live or die. Think about it. They make judgements based on your physical condition because they have confidential information regarding your health history and have been trained to do physical examinations and be aware of a serious medical condition you could possibly have such as a serious heart problem or a deterioration of your vision that leads to blindness.

Anesthesiologists have your body in an altered state on an operating table and have control of your very life when you are completely vulnerable, they order testing of all kinds and have the knowledge of those results, your complete medical history, allergies some of which can be deadly for you if you are very sensitive to a certain drug and cause you to go into say, anaphylactic shock which can kill you and prescribe medications that you trustingly put into your body without question unless you are a sceptic like some people I know lol or just are a fairly informed person who checks out a PDR first…a book that gives info on drugs commonly used by medical professionals…there are books out there not as complicated that are more understandable for the general public, before putting anything in your body lol.

Enough of this rant.

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I guess after you get burned a few times you just get a bit jaded. I dread the day he retires. I have had some really great doctors and some not so great, But a couple I have had as my doctor or have worked with in a medical setting had the truth be known…OH MY! Need I say more?

I am very imperfect and do not mean to sound holier than thou, but have the need to get certain things off my chest. I have heard of someone who was a patient that almost died when in a very good smallish hospital that was given a drug or combination of drugs that came close to killing them and had to rushed to a major medical center and it was hushed up. Outrageous sounding but a true story.! My doctor profiled me as a Hypochondriac as a teenager. She was convinced that everything I experienced was related to puberty stress.

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However, when the symptoms continued long after puberty and even multiplied, she insisted they were due to the stress of college. Many of these symptoms were serious red flags like unexplained weight gain, insomnia, depression, very dramatic mentrations and the delays between them, unexplained periods of extremely high blood pressure, etc. I rarely ever get anxious about anything without due cause, and these were very serious symptoms that needed to be addressed.

So, to be labeled as someone with GAD was an incredible insult to both myself and people who truly suffer from it! It was a humiliating experience that I never want to go through again! He prescribed them and it helped so much. In addition, I am forced to fill out a long survey about my smoking every time I go for a visit. I have to listen to some young girl lecture me about smoking for ten minutes before seeing the doctor on every visit as well.

I have already had a doctor misdiagnose me. Thank god my child does not have it! This doctor totally dismissed my symptoms because I am a smoker. Can I sue my current doctor for discrimination? Punishing me does not encourage me to quit.

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Do the folks with diabetes get a survey on how many bags of chips they eat? Do diabetics get medication withheld that could relieve their suffering? Does some 19 year old come in and give them a lecture on putting down the fork? Just wondering…. Good points. Health care by robot automatons.